Thursday, August 9, 2012

craft and workshop details of the Hinata cafe event

Here are details of the workshops for the Hinata Cafe Event if you haven't got the flyer yet.
To participate in the workshop you must make booking directly.

Event date: 8th September 2012 (Saturday) from 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: 14 Gwilliam Dr, Bibra Lake (next to the red rooster)
Parking: Go straight down Gwilliam Dr and you'll find a big parking area by the lake


日時: 2012年9月8日(土曜日) 10時~16時
場所: 14 Gwilliam Dr, Bibra Lake (レッドルースターの隣)
駐車場: Gwilliamを真っ直ぐ行き湖に突き当たると、大きな駐車場があります。

Felt workshop フェルト作り:
Facebook: Pauline Franklyn Textile Artist
Making felt picture(フェルトの絵):
10:30 - 11:30 (8-12 people max) $25 per person

Making felt babushka doll(バブーシュカ作り):
12:30 - 14:30 (8-12 people max) $45 per person

To book, contact(予約はこちらにメールしてください): 


Plant Dyeing workshop 草木染め・藍染: 
Plant dyeing 草木染め:
from 10:30 ($20 per person)

Indigo dyeing 藍染:
from 14:00 ($20 per person)

To book, contact (予約はこちらにメールしてください):


Meditative Japanese calligraphy workshop 書道: 
 50min each session:
from 11:30, from 12:30, and from 14:00
($20 per person)

To book contact (予約はこちらにお電話ください)
 Michiko on 0403 927 891


Gel Nail ジェルネール: 
Takes about an hour to do all your nails.(1時間くらいかかります)

To book, contact (予約はこちらにお電話ください)
Akiko on 0406 883 578


Didgeridoo workshop with Sanshi サンシさんとディジュリドゥ: 

Sessions ワークショップ
from 10:00, and from 14:00.

He will be having his concert コンサート
from 16:00 - 16:30

To book contact (予約はこちらにお電話ください)
Sanshi on 0488 007 485


Green tea ceremony demonstration お茶の実演: 
There will be 2 demonstrations 実演は2部あります。
 one from 11:00, and second from 13:30.


Art and craft stalls in the event are クラフトのストール:

(art design, cards)

(bags, clothes, accessory)


(Japanese doll)

(macrobiotic food)


(hand made soap)

 (kids clothes)

(bags, box, ipad case)

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