Sunday, July 29, 2012

July meeting

It is almost August, and we have had the meeting on Sunday.We are still in process of distributing our flyer, but you can already pick it up at Nippon food store in Subiaco, Senoji restaurant in Vic park, and Shelley post office.


The long waited cafe menu has been decided!!
There will be, "onigiri"(rice ball) and miso soup which can be ordered as a set, Hayashi-rice (a special gravy sauce and rice which is very popular in Japan), "kinpira" & "ganmo" rice burger (you'll have to taste it yourself as I can't describe it), and "ganmo" turkish bread.


Our craft team will be organising its own workshop this year with our specialy printed calico bag!
The bag has our group name printed in Japanese, and you can decorate it using the selection of our original hand made stamps, Japanese stamps and fabric crayon.
Ofcourse you don't need to decorate it if you like it just as is.


Sanshi will be having his workshop and random performance during the day, and will be having a concert inside the hall before the film starts.
The ticket for the film, "Gaia symphony" can be purchased on-line.
The film is free for children under 18, and it is a great film for them to watch.
There will be chairs at the back, and the cushion space at the front for family and children.
The film is in English.



Our last meeting will be held on 26th August, then, it's show time!


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