Monday, November 28, 2011

Charity Festival at Japanese school in Perth 2011

Hinata cafe team attanded  Charity Festival at Japanese school in Perth yesterday.
Thank you very much to all of you for visiting our site.
Hope you had a great day with Japanese food especially Dango and pickles:)


Keyaki was here too!! A great helper to Hinata!


Believe or not, this is at front of our Hinata booth. There was long queue all the time like this!


A lot of Sachiyo's friends and customers visited her, and enjoyed shopping as well as chatting with her too:) Her beeds rabbit motif was populer. A little girl was looking for a present for her mother. It was so cute and we were moved by that.


 My booth (Handmade By Riin), strong sea breeze kept blowing off my stuffs, even this little shelf fell on my nose too... I had a great time anyway!

私のブース(Handmade By Riin)です。とにかく楽しい一日を過ごすことができました。シティービーチ特有の海風が強くで、商品が飛ぶ飛ぶ。この棚まで何度も落ちてきました・・・

Always smile smile and smile!!


Look at Keyaki's serious face! Great helper always.


Tomoe was probably under the sun all day like this. Worked so hard.


Hinata was supported by so helphul family and friends. They were making Dango in this picture.


Sachiyo's booth. Little colourful beeds parts attracted girls' hearts!


He is becoming almost professional to make dango. It is not an easy job to do!


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