Friday, April 17, 2015

Hinata Cafe Information

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Information for you to have enjoyable time at the event.

Kids can have fun at the play area behind the cafĂ©.  Please make sure that mum and dad are there to look after them.
(Grey shaded area shown on the map is out of bound for all visitors.)

Simple self administering first aid is available on site. Please ask one of our staff.

Make sure your belongings are attended to while you are having a great time at the event.

Please escort and supervise your children when going to the toilet.

Sorry, all stalls are cash only.

Food stalls are offering you interesting and unique Japanese food.
If you are unsure about the ingredients they use, please feel free to ask the staff at the food stand.

In case of fire and emergency, please evacuate from the main gate.
(Evacuation route indicated on the reverse map.)

If your children got lost, please ask one of our staff who can help you.

Sorry, this is a pet free venue. Please do not bring your pet inside.

This is a smoke free event.

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